The following are just a few examples of my experience.

I have had the pleasure of editing many projects for Janaiah von Hassel,
nationally published author, life coach, and motivational speaker. Her entry entitled Unbroken is one of my favorites. https://www.albany.com/albany-on-the-spectrum/2019/01/unbroken/

Another Janaiah von Hassel creation is the children’s book, Kiro Kidz Power Up, which I thoroughly enjoyed editing. This animated children’s book explains the central nervous system, subluxation, and the benefits of chiropractic care.

I co-authored this book. Citizen oversight is now an established feature of the institutional landscape of American policing. This book addresses the issues critical to citizen oversight agencies. It begins with a history of citizen oversight and then discusses the alternative models — the citizen review board and the police auditor.

My time spent as a member of the Albany Law Review honed my editing and research skills.

As a research assistant for Professor Sandra Stevenson, I worked on many projects. She bestowed a great honor on me by acknowledging me in the Preface of this book that she co-authored. It was the only time in over 30 years that she had publicly acknowledged a research assistant. I enjoyed editing and fact-checking this publication, and I find it humorous that, in her effort to surprise me, the misspelling of my name is the only typo because I did not proofread that entry.