The Ambiance of Ideas

If you think about any creative person, you will quickly realize that they are very particular about the way in which you experience their creations. A painter hangs his work and painstakingly chooses the proper lighting, angle, and height. A musician or singer searches for the specific acoustics, equipment, and instrument(s) that will perfectly complement the sound. A chef “plates” the food, but also ensures that it is served to you at a table that is lit and decorated “just so” – in a restaurant, we call this ambiance.

The brain is truly amazing and, as demonstrated by the meme above, it can decipher even a horribly-written paragraph. Similarly, the eyes can appreciate a work of art that is tossed in the corner of a poorly lit room; the ears can enjoy music that is slightly garbled; and the palate can savor food eaten over the sink right out of the pan. However, all of these experiences have far greater potential in the proper setting.

The ambiance of ideas is comprised of proper grammar and punctuation. You have a message that you wish to convey, and proper sentence structure, correctly spelled words, precise vocabulary, and a well-placed comma set the mood to ensure that your entire message is properly received.


You may think that this ambiance of ideas should only matter to authors and poets; however, nothing could be further from the truth. It is of the utmost importance that any message presented by a business be perceived in precisely the manner that it was intended. It is the goal of a business to convey a specific message to its clients or customers, and any confusion or diminished understanding of that message can result in the loss of revenue.

Similarly, individuals must consider the importance of the proper ambiance for their ideas. A term paper, cover letter, or even a personal blog serves to convey important, sometimes life-altering, information that you want the reader to experience in the way you envisioned.

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